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Goth Babe Creates Otherworldly Show with Flying Cupcakes, Inflatable Pool Floats, and Togetherness

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What happens when you combine flying cupcakes, inflatable pool floats, and a crowd-surfing cardboard cutout? A Goth Babe concert, of course. Griff Washburn, better known as Goth Babe, brought an insane energy to Atlanta for this stop of the Lola Tour. The indie-pop singer put on an absolutely stellar show, unlike anything I had ever experienced before. 

As the lights began to illuminate the room, five pine tree doodles were revealed on the screen, signifying Goth Babe’s entrance. The melody from “New Born Worlds” began to come to life and the crowd became fully immersed in the magic awaiting them. Little did the audience know, they were about to be in for the time of their lives. A few moments later, two lucky fans were jumping off the stage onto an inflatable watermelon, ready to surf the sold-out crowd. Griff began throwing free merch out into the crowd, but that wasn’t all that was airborne; six blue-iced cupcakes began soaring through The Eastern, breaking apart atop the heads of the audience. To add to the mix, a special friend of Goth Babe’s made an appearance: a lifesized cardboard cutout of Mr. Bean, who was introduced as Griff’s “friend who wanted to crowd surf for his birthday for the rest of the show.” You just had to be there.

Goth Babe is well known for his immense love for living life to the fullest and making an adventure out of every occasion. Anyone could easily be able to tell that Washburn puts this passion into everything he does, as so was evident in his charming performance. His undeniable ability to light up any room made this concert even more special. When listening to Goth Babe’s discography, one cannot help but feel an immense feeling of positivity and a radiant, feel-good sensation. By nature, Griff hopes to spread these joyous feelings to his listeners and hones a sense of universal love. He can be quoted during the show as saying, “Please put an arm around a stranger or a friend,” encouraging the audience to spark friendships, both new and old. An overwhelming aura of togetherness, peace, and pure bliss filled the room: a truly beautiful sight.

The Lola Tour’s title stems from Griff’s beloved sailboat, named Lola. Washburn has been sailing around for the past couple of months and turning this vessel into a home, leading a unique nomadic lifestyle. Besides living off of Lola, he has also been exploring around Mexico leading up to this tour. In the near future, he plans to venture to Panama and continue sailing between tours. Evidently, Goth Babe is a lover of nature. In his free time, Griff takes pleasure in various sorts of activities such as hiking, surfing, and snowboarding. “Alone in the Mountains,” Goth Babe’s most recent single, depicts Griff’s adoration for the great outdoors and free-spiritedness.

As the one-of-a-kind evening drew to a close, I was truly able to reflect upon the incredible energy of the room. The crowd’s energy at The Eastern was simply unmatched. I was completely mystified by Griff’s incredible stage presence and his capability to convey his thoughts with such a genuine sincerity. Fan favorite song “Weekend Friend” was the final song on the setlist, and boy, was it magical. The whole crowd danced along as one to the sweet, captivating sounds of the song. Inflatable beach balls bounced around the audience as the already overjoyed fans were treated to a blast of confetti from the singer himself, placing the cherry on top of an otherworldly show. What. A. Feeling.

Show Date: 05.01.23 | Atlanta, GA @ The Eastern | Goth Babe Creates Otherworldly Show

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