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Sueños Music Festival 2024 Recap: A Weekend of Latin Music and Celebration

Sueños returned to Chicago’s Grant Park this past weekend. It is quickly becoming one of Chicago’s biggest music festivals, drawing in a record-breaking 70k crowd. Over two days, some of the biggest names in Latin music took the Sueños stage and gave unforgettable performances along the Chicago skyline.

Credit: Courtesy of Sueños @el_matzu


Sueños, nicknamed “El Festival Latino,” highlights some of the biggest artists in Latin America and showcases genres including Trap, Reggaeton, and Regional Mexican music. Artists from various Latin and Hispanic countries, including Mexico, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Argentina, and Spain, came together to celebrate music.

Earlier this year, Rauw Alejandro and Peso Pluma were announced as the 2024 Sueños headliners.

Latin GRAMMY, award-winning and GRAMMY-nominated Earlier this year, Rauw Alejandro, was set to headline Sueños Day 1. The Puerto Rican singer-songwriter has led the new generation of Latin music artists since 2017. He is the mastermind behind “Todo De Ti,” his biggest hit, with more than 2B streams worldwide. The track reached #2 on Spotify’s Global chart and peaked at #36 on Billboard’s HOT 100.

Mexican singer-songwriter Peso Pluma was set to headline Sueños Day 2. Peso Pluma is best known for his hit “Ella Baila Sola,” which would go viral on social media days before its official release on streaming platforms. Soon after, it became the first regional Mexican song in history to reach the top 10 of the U.S. Billboard Hot 100, peaking at number four and the first to top the Billboard Global 200.


LATIN MAFIA kicked off Sueños day 1 with an exciting 30-minute set. The rising trio hailing from Mexico performed hits such as “Julieta” and ended their set with their hit “Patadas de Ahogado“.

Sueños Music Festival 2024 Recap: A Weekend of Latin Music and Celebration
Artist: Latin Mafia
Credit: Courtesy of Suenõs @frankievergara

Xavi, who has been such an exciting artist to watch rise to fame, took the Sueños stage for the first time at 2:45. At only 19 years old, Xavi drew a massive crowd and treated the crowd to his hits “La Victima” and, most notably, “La Diabla“.

Artist: XAVI Credit: Courtesy of Sueños @el_matzu

Argentinian producer BIZARRAP took the stage and treated festival goers to vibrant and futuristic visuals that made for an incredible light show. The chart-topping and multi-Latin Grammy-winning artist/producer BIZARRAP is best known for his Reggaeton/trap tracks with a dance/electronic twist, something that we had yet to see at Sueños.

Regional Mexican singer/songwriter Ivan Cornejo co-wrote Sueños as he took the stage Saturday. The 19-year-old break-out star from Riverside, California, recently released “Baby Please” and has already passed 20 million total streams.

Sueños Music Festival 2024 Recap: A Weekend of Latin Music and Celebration
Artist: Ivan Cornejo Credit: Courtesy of Sueños @allamma

Puerto Rican rapper and singer-songwriter Young Miko then returned to Sueños’ stage, this time as a sub-headliner. Her 45-minute set showcased vibrant visuals as she performed hits including “CLASSY 101” and her latest release, “offline“, in collaboration with Colombian artist Feid.

Artist: Young Miko
Credit: Courtesy of Sueños @allamma

Latin America’s hottest artist and headliner, Rauw Alejandro, took the stage for an exceptional set paired with dancers and pyrotechnics. The Puerto Rican’s stage presence and vocal capability blew us away. Rauw Alejandro also shared the main stage with fellow reggaetoneros.

Aritst: Rauw Alejandro & Alvaro Diaz Credit: Courtesy of Sueños @frankievergara

Midway through his set, the headliner brought out Álvaro Díaz as a special guest for the first-ever live performance of “BYAK” since Díaz released his sophomore album “SAYONARA” last week.

Day one concluded with a vibrant fireworks show that lit up the sky as festival goers made their way out.

Sueños Music Festival 2024 Recap: A Weekend of Latin Music and Celebration
Credit: Courtesy of Sueños @sheaflynn


Day two was exciting, to say the least. Those in Chicago woke up to pouring rain and an official announcement on behalf of Sueños regarding a late start. A few hours later, Sueños took to social media to announce updated performances and set times. As expected, artists, including Delilah, Dani Flow, Alexis y Fido, Bad Gyal, and Gabito, were removed from the original schedule.

Gates opened at 4:00 pm, and Sueños Day 2 was officially underway. To the crowd’s surprise, rising Mexican singer/songwriter Delilah took the stage for a short and sweet set.

Sueños updated the day’s schedule to include the artists who had initially been canceled: Delilah, Bad Gyal, and Gabito Ballesteros.

Following Delilah’s performance, Puerto Rican legendary duo Jowell y Randy took the stage for a thrilling performance. The pair’s electrifying stage presence and contagious energy set the perfect tone for the evening.

Artist: Jowell & Randy Credit: Courtesy of Sueños @frankievergara

Catalan singer and songwriter Bad Gyal model and singer and songwriter Bad Gyal also took the stage for a sensual performance paired with thrilling background dancers. Bad Gyal continued to set the tone for later acts and performed hits, including “Chulo pt.2” in collaboration with Tokisha and Young Miko.

Sueños Music Festival 2024 Recap: A Weekend of Latin Music and Celebration
Artist: Bad Gyal Credit: Courtesy of Sueños @frankievergara

Soon after, Puerto Rican reggaeton artist Mora appeared on stage for a thrilling performance, including tracks “LA INOCENTE” in collaboration with Feid and “Tuyo“. Mora, known for his reggaeton tracks with a pop twist, brought the perfect energy to the Sueños stage.

Artist: Mora Credit: Courtesy of Sueños @frankievergara

Regional Mexican singer/songwriter Gabito Ballesteros then took the stage for a stellar performance. Boasting the Mexican flag, Gabito’s excitement shined as he performed the viral hit “AMG” and brought out fellow Mexican singer Chino Pacas on stage for a “Tunechi“.

Artist: Gabito Ballesteros Credit: Courtesy of Sueños @frankievergara

Finally, subheadliner Maluma took the stage as the sun began to set. Hailing from a small town in Colombia, Maluma was seen getting emotional on stage as he acknowledged the hardships many Latinos face. Maluma went on to perform “Hawái” followed bv “Felices Los 4”. As he approached the chorus of the famous track, Maluma’s set unfortunately got cut short due to approaching weather.

Sueños Music Festival 2024 Recap: A Weekend of Latin Music and Celebration
Artist: Maluma Credit: Courtesy of Sueños @allamma

Soon after, Sueños decided to cancel Maluma’s set and Peso Pluma’s headlining set. While this was not the most ideal ending to Sueños 2024, I am extremely happy to have seen the artists who were able to perform and the Latin representation they all brought to the stage.


Sueños Music Festival, proudly sponsored by Diageo and its brands Buchanan’s Whisky, CÎROC Limonata, and Tequila Don Julio, brought to life the one-of-a-kind magic that happens when you mix perreo and the pride that comes with celebrating the innovators and leaders of Latin music.

During the weekend, Argentinian producer and songwriter Bizarrap visited the Buchanan’s Whisky VIP experience, where he sipped on Buchanan’s Pineapple, took pictures with fans, and celebrated his fantastic performance. The stunning backdrop of his visit included Buchanan’s collaborative art piece with Chicago-based artist Louis De Guzman. Buchanan’s on-the-ground host, Grecia S. Lopez, interviewed Puerto Rican artist Álvaro Díaz and talent partner DJ VRYWVY, toasting a thrilling first day. Buchanan’s handed out custom patches to add to your latest festival attire.

Acclaimed Argentinean producer, songwriter and DJ Bizarrap enjoyed Sueños Fest en familia with Buchanan’s Whisky
Photo Credit: Manuel V Photography

La Casa de Don Julio celebrated ‘A Summer of Mexicana,’ a series that brought the beauty of modern Mexico to a national stage. Here, festival goers got to savor the vibrant flavors of Tequila Don Julio’s signature cocktails and received red bandanas with the option to have them embroidered.

Sky Rompiendo celebrated ‘A Summer of Mexicana’ and his birthday alongside Tequila Don Julio with a performance at Sueños Music Festival’s pre-party on Thursday, May 23rd
Photo Credit: @mxyrec

Finally, we got to experience the newest CÎROC Limonata, inspired by the Mediterranean’s vibrant essence and infused with tangy citrus and Italian lemon flavors. On Saturday, Catalan singer and songwriter Bad Gyal visited the CÎROC Limonata Villa to enjoy delicious Limonata cocktails and meet and greet a few select lucky fans. CÎROC Limonata gifted attendees festival essentials, including signature yellow shades and portable fans to keep cool.

Bad Gyal Kicks Back at the CÎROC Limonata Villa, Before an Unforgettable Set at Sueños Music Festival in Chicago
Photo Credit: Vantage Productions


Over the two days, we were extremely pleased with the number of activations Sueños and its official partners offered. This year’s sponsors included Diageo and its brands, MAX, Bacardi, Verizon, and many more.

Credit: Courtesy of Sueños @el_matzu

As festivalgoers made their way to Grant Park and the Sueños entrance, they were greeted with the iconic inflatable “Sueños” sign at the festival entrance. As they made their way to the main stage, attendees were met with a Ferris wheel presented by MAX, making for an insane bird’s-eye view of the festival. MAX also had an ice cream truck that highlighted popular Latin flavors.

Sorry Papi, known for their vibrant Latin parties across the U.S., hosted a Glam Station, offering attendees hair tinsel, hair braiding, face and body glitter, and more. Casa de Bacardi hosted a silent disco with live DJs and delicious cocktails.

Sueños Music Festival 2024 Recap: A Weekend of Latin Music and Celebration
Credit: Courtesy of Sueños @frankievergara

It is also worth mentioning the food and beverage options present this year. Over the two days, attendees could indulge in over 50 food vendors boasting various Latin American dishes such as tacos, empanadas, tamales, and arepas, to name a few.

Credit: Courtesy of Sueños @el_matzu

Additionally, Sueños introduced the Munchies y Michis Zone, a designated area for desserts, snacks, and Micheladas. This was the perfect area for Ice cream, cookies, waffles, donuts, and more.

Credit: Courtesy of Sueños @diegoguillen
Sueños Music Festival 2024 Recap: A Weekend of Latin Music and Celebration
Credit: Courtesy of Sueños @diegoguillen


Sueños Music Festival has taken place at Grant Park since its inception in 2022. Over the years, the scale and production of the event have only grown.

Sueños hosts one main stage with Sueños signage, decor, and a catwalk. Over the two days, the stage boasted vibrant visuals, complete with dancers and pyrotechnics. And how could we forget about the always present and breathtaking Chicago skyline?

This year, Sueños took to social media to announce FRIKIFLORA, “La flor mas friki de Chicago,” and the festival’s official mascot. Over the weekend, FRIKIFLORA brought her infectious energy to the main stage.

Overall, we were very impressed with the production this year, and we are so excited to see Sueños expand and grow as its fourth installment approaches.


DIAGEO and its brands, Buchanan’s Whisky, CÎROC Limonata, and Tequila Don Julio, kept the party going as they were official sponsors of some of the weekend’s biggest afterparties!

Buchanan’s Whisky and CÎROC Limonata celebrated the official kickoff of Sueños with the legendary duo Alexis y Fido at The Mine, one of Chicago’s oldest club venues, on Saturday, May 25th.

Tequila Don Julio continues its ‘Summer of Mexicana’ series, which brings the beauty of modern Mexico to a national stage, with a celebration on Sunday, May 26th, with Peso Pluma at The Mine. While Day 2 was canceled due to weather, Mexican singer Peso Pluma gave a limited crowd a smaller set at an afterparty for the ages at The Mine, sipping on Tequila Don Julio.

Sueños Music Festival 2024 Recap: A Weekend of Latin Music and Celebration
Credit: Courtesy of Sueños @jose

Show Date: May 25-26, 2024 // Chicago, IL @ Grant Park // Sueños Music Festival 2024 Recap: A Weekend of Latin Music and Celebration
Article by Yoselin Moreno Photos courtesy of Sueños


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