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Yves Tumor Sends Audience Into Divine Chaos at Atlanta Show

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Giant metal structures towered over The Eastern’s stage in a red cloud on May 2, with a raging crowd directly below anticipating the forthcoming performance by Yves Tumor in the moments to come. The heavy-breathing opening of “God Is a Circle” began to echo throughout the room as band members took the stage. Yves Tumor emerged in front of their mic stand, decorated with a black ribbon and a silver dragon’s head. Tumor was sporting studded black leather from head to toe, with the letter “Y” embellished on the back of their jacket. The singer’s presence alone was enough to send the audience into divine chaos. Fans from the center barricade to the highest balconies were all collectively reveling in what was about to be an unforgettable evening.

Yves Tumor is an innovative, experimental genius when it comes down to their art. Praise a Lord Who Chews but Which Does Not Consume; (Or Simply, Hot Between Worlds), Yves’ most recent album release, demonstrates the intricacy of the artist’s lyricism and highlights the atmospheric emphasis that the music itself creates. A sort-of glorious melancholic rock resides within the tracks of this record, exuding from profound roars of guitars and explosive drums alongside Tumor’s versatile voice. They have created something so unfamiliarly brilliant, which is what makes not only this record but Yves themself stand out in today’s sonic realm. 

The tasteful setlist consisted mostly of tracks off of the new record, however, a few select pre-2023 releases were played, including “Jackie” and “Crushed Velvet” off of The Asymptomatical World EP, as well as “Honesty” and “Licking an Orchid” from Safe In The Hands of Love. The audience was thrilled with the song selections and knew all of the lyrics to both old and new tracks alike; they could easily sing these words in their sleep if they wanted to. The vivacious crowd was all smiles as they sang and danced the night away with Yves.

Tumor was accompanied by insanely gifted bandmates: bassist Gina Ramirez, drummer Rhys Hastings, lead guitarist Chris Greatti, and multi-instrumentalist Yves Rothman. Each individual member was able to showcase their exceptional talents and contribute to creating the monumental sounds that cascaded through the room that evening. Together, the synergy of the five allowed the band to deliver what was a truly electrifying concert. 

Toward the end of the show, Yves ascended atop a metal podium overlooking the audience amidst the foggy haze that coated the room. The compressed baseline of “Operator” is initiated as Tumor reached for a duct-taped megaphone, with which they were able to create the chant-like effect that the song possesses. They remained on the platform until it was time for the encore. The concert was finishing with an even more astonishing feeling than imaginable. “Strawberry Privilege,” “Ebony Eye,” and “Kerosene!” were the trifecta of songs that perfectly rounded out the final moments of the night. “Kerosene!” was a suitable ending to the setlist, as the energy in the room tripled when it was performed. While Yves and the band gave the crowd their absolute all, every single person in the whole building, including myself, was on their feet jumping and screaming along to the words of the euphonious track. With that, Yves Tumor had successfully put on a sensational, unprecedented performance that will forever remain in the minds of their devout Atlanta fans.

Show Date: 02.09.23 | Atlanta, GA @ The Eastern | Yves Tumor Sends Divine Chaos

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