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Dayglow @ Théatre Corona in Montreal QC

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Sloan Struble, also most famously known as Dayglow, is a 23 year old American artist from Texas. In September 2018, his debut album, Fuzzybrain, featuring the popular song Can I Call You Tonight?, was released. Since then, he created two more albums, Harmony house and his latest, which came out in Fall 2022, People In Motion.

Struble is currently touring alongside the other performing members of the Dayglow project, which are Peyton Harrington (bassist), Brady Knippa (drummer), Norrie Swofford (keyboardist) and Colin Crawford (guitarist) for the People in Motion 2022 Tour. Opening for them is Ritt Momney, who is notably known for his song Put Your Records On.

Dayglow started his set with Radio, a song from his new album People In Motion, while the crowd screamed and clapped their hands while he and the performing members arrived on stage. Throughout the night, Sloan Struble played multiple songs from his three albums. From Hot Rod appearing on the oldest album Fuzzybrain to Something from Harmony House, Dayglow of course performed songs from People In Motion like Someone Else.

More than once, the crowd cheered for Dayglow really loud, especially after songs like Listerine and of course, Can I Call You Tonight?, which were special moments to experience live. From the beginning to the end of the concert, the stage had dreamy and colorful lighting and visuals. Finally, after the encore, Dayglow ended the night with Second Nature before thanking Montreal one last time.

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Show date: 11.21.22 | Montreal, QC @ Théatre Corona |

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