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Landon Conrath

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Landon Conrath, Indie Pop Artist and Spotify sensation, played an intimate show in Chicago at the Subterranean on November 30th, 2022.

Since his fairly recent music debut in early 2020, Landon has captivated close to a million monthly Spotify listeners. You may have discovered his most well-known tracks “2AM” and “Papercuts” on Spotify’s most listened-to curated playlists.

More than just catchy hooks, Landon offers his audience palpable lyrics that sting just enough to make you take a step back and examine the reality we live in. In his vulnerability, he paves avenues for listeners to heal from relatable experiences.

“Paramore, I’m miserable and outta business.”

– Landon Conrath, ‘Science Fiction’

Landon’s debut album has no skips. Honest lyrics & hopeful production make the perfect combo. Nothing Matters Anyway, showcases 8 intentionally crafted songs that navigate through themes of disillusionment, struggles of self-worth, and not feeling like yourself. Simultaneously, the album feels happy and upbeat. With seemingly alternative and punk influences, Landon’s indie-pop album features anthemic choruses, electrifying guitar riffs and big programmed drums.

Last Week

So maybe I’ve taken a fall
Drop me I’m gone
Withdrawn, taking a pause
My curtain call

I just
Free fall into space
I know
You only replay what you reap

Tell me
Did I just waste my effort
Showing off
It’s such a cliche
You know

So maybe this ain’t healthy
I’ve been up since last week
Walking on the concrete
Staring at the palm trees

Wrapped up in my bedsheets
Feeling like I’m crashing
What is it I’m lacking
I’ve been up since last week
Last week yeah

Landon Conrath is an artist that stays true to himself. His genuine and raw vulnerability carries throughout his work. Each song on the album comes together naturally to paint an honest picture of the growing pains of finding our place in a world where it seems like nothing matters anyway.

Landon is going on tour! Supporting Yam Haus, you can see Landon perform live in 9 different cities in January and March of 2023.

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