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Lucy Dacus @ The Wiltern 11/18

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On the Home Video tour, Lucy Dacus played a sold-out show at The Wiltern in Los Angeles. As the show began, the crowd began to sing the lyrics and cheer Lucy on loudly. When the song, “First Time” began to play, the crowd got louder and began to dance. The crowd did not die down one bit.

Prior to last Friday’s show, she announced that there were tickets available for purchase to livestream on Veeps for 24 hours. When she began to talk to the crowd before continuing to sing more songs, she told the crowd that her and her band have a tradition by calling her penultimate show of her tour – the last show. It was clear that it was going to be a loud and special show for Lucy and her band.

The environment of the show was filled with smiling faces, singing, and swaying. Before fully finishing her show, she came back out for an encore performance and told the crowd to not record her while performing a new unreleased song. Everyone listened and did not take their phones out as she sang her new track.

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Show Date: 11.18.22 | Los Angeles @ The Wiltern |

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