Lostboycrow Talks Tour Travel, and Tattoos

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March 08, 2023
Dallas, TX @ Club Dada
Photos + words by Madison Truscan

On Wednesday, I had the privilege of interviewing the multi-talented Chris Blair, lead singer of Lostboycrow, a Los Angeles-based indie pop/rock band. Chris and I chatted about their first headlining tour, what’s next for the band, travel and tattoos. 

I would love to just hear how the tour has been going so far.

“I’ve been having a great tour, in part because I have a great tour manager, Caleb Micah, and he makes my life more. It affords me the ability to enjoy the moments that are supposed to be enjoyable, instead of worrying about everything. So, yeah, it’s been going really well. Our first headlining tour and first time touring like this in a while, aside from the Echosmith tour… it’s been really cool to see everything kind of build off of that.”

Any memorable moments?

“Man… memorable moments. There’s been a lot already, but, yeah, basically a sold-out show in Austin, and crowd surfing. Caleb’s been showing us magic tricks too, (laughs) it’s the little things.”

How does it feel to be back on the road so soon after wrapping up your tour with Echosmith and what are you most looking forward to on this run?

“It feels nice to actually be able to build off of something. I think a lot of the tours I’ve done before, not all, but a lot of it has been, was kind of, you know, the name of the game is you tour when you can. You tour when someone brings you out. To be able to actually plan it a little better this time and have some control of like, okay, let’s build off this last tour you just did. Just makes sense. You’ve got momentum, you’ve got refreshing people’s minds. You’ve got people coming back. It’s really nice. It’s the way it’s meant to be done. I don’t think there’s one definitive thing I’m most looking forward to, but just after seeing people show up to meet and greets before the show or asking for encores, all those little things add up. I see what’s possible now and it’s a really good feeling. I want to ride it as as long as possible and bask in it when it’s there. And I’m looking forward to seeing what other surprises are in store for us. You know, whether it’s another sold-out show or crowd surfing or a bunch of VIP meet and greets before.”

So Chris, you’re from the Pacific Northwest, I’m from the Pacific Northwest! I’m from Seattle originally. What does your perfect PNW weekend look like?

Ooh. Ooh. Okay. I feel like it would involve going to a coffee shop… maybe some thrifting. Yep. It would definitely involve hiking and the Oregon coast. No offense, Washington (laughs). I mean, if it’s a long weekend, maybe head up to the Puget Sound. Okay. Now, this is just like a wishlist. Ha! Maybe a Blazers game and hit the Willamette Valley. Take a little river ride in the Willamette Valley or something.”

That sounds like a great weekend! So, in the first track of your album Indie Pop, “Chewed Up”, you sing the lyrics, ‘All your tattoos say, you wish you were someplace else on a Tuesday’. What do you think your tattoos say about you?

Hmm. Yeah, all my tattoos, (laughs), all my tattoos have been really this interesting combination of half planned out. But then as far as the execution of them, I always wait for the opportunity to hit me in the face. I never really seek it out. It’s either like, oh, an artist is in town, or we’re traveling through somewhere and everybody else is getting one. Or yeah, again, like a friend just started doing them and wants to tattoo you, you know. I kind of let the opportunity find me and that’s kind of how I know it’s right. I kind of treated it like songwriting in the sense of I have these ideas built up, but I definitely let the moment take hold. Some of them have deeper meanings than others, but I’d like to think they all represent just kind of where I’m at at that time and that ability to surf on the vibrations of whatever we’re all creating here and just capture that in a moment. 

I love that. Which one is your favorite and does it have any significant meaning?

“I don’t know if I can pick a favorite tattoo! But I do like the one on my chest. It has my old logo on it, which consists of three compartments and each one of those compartments has a really detailed, beautiful picture of a place that I consider home. The middle one is the actual view looking out of my bedroom window as a child growing up. I love that view, it means a lot to me. I’ve also got California and then a waterfall in Wyoming.”

Wow… that’s amazing. Do you listen to any other artists while you’re touring or do you focus only on your set list?

“Nope, all kinds of artists. And that’s a great thing about touring in the way that we are, just in a van, whoever’s driving, we all take turns DJing. And I feel like I’m the one that’s constantly asking like, ‘Oh, who is this?’. So I’m learning a lot right now. I love to discover music. I’m definitely listening to a lot of random songs right now, a lot of Built To Spill, a lot of Remy Wolf.”

Do you have a favorite lyric that you’ve written?

“There’s one off the new album that I really like. It’s not out yet, but it’s “Head on a swivel, didn’t realize you were dancing”. And I don’t know why, it’s not necessarily that clever or anything, but it just brings a real visual and almost this paranoia or anxiousness and you didn’t realize you were actually moving to a rhythm or that you were dancing all along. You had the ability to be free all along.”

Maybe I need to get that tattooed on me. I love that.

“Yeah, same. There we go!” (laughs).

Do you have any routines before a show to hype yourself up?

“I think the goal for me to get hype is to try and be as in the moment as I can and I think I find a lot of that in hanging with the guys backstage. I like to walk around, whether we have time to thrift or just walk around the city or take photos. I like to get kind of centered that way. I also like to meditate if there’s time. It’s really more just about trying to focus on being present.

Not  just in the moment, but in my body.”

What do you hope your fans take away from the album Indie Pop? Is there anything special about your live shows that you feel can’t be conveyed through music streaming platforms?

“The musicality. I’m really proud of the music. I’m proud of the process, the way I made it with my friend Chris, who I made the album with. We made it in hopes that it would be played by a four piece band, and that’s what we’re doing. I just think there’s nothing that can replace the spice that everybody individually and collectively brings together on stage. I think it’s way more of a rock show. I love the album. It’s a good time, but live… There’s nothing like it, it’s a party. I think you gotta see it live.” 

You mentioned that your album Santa Fe is a conversation between your younger and older selves. What do you imagine the future you would say to you right now in your current season of life?

“I don’t know that they would say anything. I feel like they would look me in the eye and give me a very knowing nod of ‘Yeah, man. You’re starting to get it. You’re starting to get it on and off the court’.”

Do you have any plans for after the tour? What’s next?

“We are in the process of recording a new album. It’s almost done. I’ve been fortunate enough to have the band play on all of it so far. We’re gonna finish that up with my buddy, Sam. Finish that up and hopefully start mapping out the next release, mapping out the next tour. Yeah. I think I’m gonna keep traveling after this tour. Maybe do a couple road trips and just travel for fun with no agenda. 

Anything else you want to add?

“Ooh, um, speak your truth. Keep that throat chakra open” (laughs)

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