Molly Grace: This Soul Pop Groovy Queen Needs To Be On Your Radar

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Photos by Penny Kapadoukakis | Words by Kaprea Devila

As her name rightfully suggests, Molly Grace puts the GRACE in soul pop. She likens her music to that of Lizzo, Lawrence, and Silk-Sonic. To that, I would add names like The Brook & the Bluff, Kelly Clarkson, and even the early works of Beyonce. Upon listening to her discography, one may even discover hints of their own musical preferences within her tracks. While her music may resonate with fans of a variety of iconic artists, it is clear that Molly’s sound is not derivative.

In fact, it’s the very culmination of her wide-ranging music taste and personal life experiences that, through her vision and musical execution, crafts a truly original sound, setting her apart from her contemporaries. Incredibly familiar yet wholly distinct, Molly Grace’s music is a testament to her ability to blend various genres seamlessly. Her eclectic sound is sure to leave a lasting impression on listeners and solidify her place in the ever-evolving landscape of music.

It’s no surprise that Molly Grace grew up in musical theater. From the playful phone conversation clip in ‘Sunday Dinner‘ to the funky intro of ‘Ghostin‘ and the musical trinkets of in ‘Woman’s Intuition’, her theatrical background bleeds through her artistry. Much like the genre, Molly infuses each track with a compelling sense of storytelling and emotion, replete with vivid narratives that delve into topics such as womanhood, relationships, longing, and the intricacies of everyday life. Molly brings a comical flare to her soulful writing. Her ability to combine humor and introspection produces a hopeful tone that is both engaging and relatable. 

Love You Better’ is Molly’s most recently released track. Molly immediately captivates the listener with a tone that melts at first listen. The imagery throughout the song is especially striking. My favorite lines are:

Then all of a sudden, you’re buying my coffee
Knees touchin under the table so softly

You can easily feel the tension between them and it draws you in deeper. Personally, this song reminds me of feelings I know a little too well, evoking memories of the emotional turmoil that comes with being in a situationship and the unrequited love that comes along with it. Molly is a songwriting prowess and it’s clearly displayed through her knack for capturing universal emotions in her lyrics.

Another personal favorite of mine is ‘Not the One’. Here’s a sneak peek into the lyrics, but please, listen to it for yourself!

Wouldn’t it be silly,
Wouldn’t it be sad,
If I wasted all my time on a guy I never had?
I did the brokenhearted thing, that shit was really bad.
So I’d rather cut my losses, kiss goodbye, and pack my bags.
And boy I just turned twenty!
Not trying to be petty,
I’m just not trying to babysit
Some boy who isn’t ready.
Melina said “I’ve Had Enough”
And I’m with her, my dear.
To be honest, I would rather spend my time on my career!

Molly’s ‘Sweet September’ is a soulful R&B ballad that stands out among her slower tracks. What sets it apart is the impressive control she has over her voice, particularly the emotive vibrato that conveys a sense of longing. This track is a beautiful showcase of Molly’s range and artistry, and it’s no wonder why it resonates so deeply with listeners.

Molly’s dedication to excellence is evident not only in the content of her songs but also in the production of each track. From her very first EP, Everybody Wants to Know Molly, Molly’s sound has been characterized by a maturity beyond her years, and is mirrored in the audio quality of her recordings. The attention to detail and sonic clarity of her music only magnifies her commitment and tenacity to making a name for herself in Music City and beyond.

Despite her youth, Molly is a remarkably talented artist with a clear vision of who she is and what she wants to achieve. Her music exudes a confidence that is palpable, and it’s evident that she takes great pride in her artistry.

If you haven’t noticed by now, we’re big fans of Molly Grace! After immersing ourselves in her entire discography, we’d be eager to sit down with her over coffee and just listen to all the stories behind her songs. While her easily likable personality drew us in from the start, it’s her exceptional musical talent that keeps us coming back for more.

If you’re intrigued by this review, do yourself a huge favor and give Molly Grace a listen. This soul-pop sensation is just getting started, and you won’t want to miss out on her musical journey.

Molly’s new single, ‘Back in 08‘, is dropping tomorrow! The title alone piques our curiosity. With a soft spot for nostalgia, we can’t wait to hear the story behind this track. Be sure to presave ‘Back in 08‘, releasing tomorrow.

Show Date: 04.13.23 | Nashville, TN @ The East Room | Molly Grace Soul Pop Groovy Queen

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