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Set It Off Rocks The Fillmore: Deathless Tour Recap

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Sunday, March 24th, Set It Off brought The Deathless Tour to the all-famous Fillmore in Philadelphia. The band that formed back in 2008 played a variety of songs across all 6 of their albums making sure to give their fans all that they have to offer.

Set It Off Deathless Tour
Set It Off Deathless Tour

The entire show was anything more than just a concert. It truly was a performance like no other. Starting the show off, the cartoon devil from their tour cover that sat on stage was illuminated red as “The show will commence in one minute” was announced to the crowd. Towards the end of the minute the crowd counted down from ten and one by one each band member came out and opened with a new single of theirs, “Parasite“, followed by one of their top hit songs, “Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing“.

Set It Off Deathless Tour
Set It Off Deathless Tour

A little bit into their set, they played another top hit of theirs called “Partners in Crime” to which they brought out Romy Flores from DeathbyRomy, who opened the show for them. The two were an amazing duo for the song, having originally been sung by Ash Costello of New Years Day.

The entire night fans were singing their hearts out to every song that was played. The energy never left the building the whole night and I have to give props to the lead singer, Cody Carson, for keeping up that energy and staying engaged with the crowd. Halfway through singing their song “Ancient History“, an air mattress was brought out and placed on the crowd to which Cody had rode on top of the mattress and sang the remainder of the song. It was extremely impressive and a sight to see how he was able to stand up and surf the entire time. The crowd managed to surf him all around the room even when Cody had jumped in the air and landed on his back and kept singing.

But, the night did not end there! Switching it up for their song, “I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead“, their drummer Maxx Danzinger traded places with Cody and sang the song while he played the drums for it. The crowd went nuts over the swap and sang so loud with him over the song. Not many concerts I’ve seen where the singer and the drummer swap places so it was definitely something unique to see.

Towards the end of their set they included a 10 minute medley that consisted of 1 minute of 10 of their songs that they weren’t able to include on the setlist but also did not want to leave out. Cody had mentioned wanting to be able to perform all of their popular hits from all of their albums and it even included the album titled song “Horrible Kids” which was released back in 2010.

Ending out the night, they finished their set with their song “Why Worry” to which they had their fans put up their ‘worry fingers’ for each part of the chorus and their encore song, their single “Punching Bag” which debuted last year’s Dopamine tour for them. The Deathless tour is only about halfway through and will continue until the end of April, so if you have a chance to go see them, I would highly suggest that this is not a tour to be missed!

Show Date: 03.24.24 // Philadelphia, PA @ The Fillmore // Set It Off Rocks The Fillmore: Deathless Tour Recap
Photos & words by Latrice Morgan

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