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Flipturn? FLIP YEAH! Jacksonville Band Returns to Madison to Play Largest Sold Out Headliner

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Just one year following Flipturn’s last show in Madison, the band would return to the city to play another sold out headlining show. Their previous show had drawn a crowd of 300 people to Madison’s beloved and intimate High Noon Saloon. However, the success of their debut album “Shadowglow” brought them back to play at The Sylvee to a crowd of 2500 fans on the Something More Tour with support from Richy Mitch and The Coal Miners.

The barricade was lined with dedicated supporters of Flipturn. Many wore merchandise from the band, wrists decorated with handmade bracelets that had been handed out and exchanged just hours prior while waiting in line. They were eager for the show to start, murmurs filling the room about what time the band would come on and how they’d started early the night before in Chicago. Listening to the excitement of the crowd reminded me fondly of the nights I’d spent seeing my favorite artists, jumping on the rail and screaming my heart out to songs I’d listened to on repeat.

As the lights dimmed, the crowd erupted into cheers while the members of their favorite band took the stage. Flipturn launched into their set with the song “Churchesoff of their early EP “Citrona”. Words couldn’t describe the infectious energy that overtook the room as the show began. Lead Vocalist, Dillon Basse took the stage wearing a vibrant blue suit jacket, dancing as the lyrics of songs he and his band had written were sung back to him. Claps echoed within the venue as their song “Vanillacame to an end, immediately sliding into their next song, “Chicago”. It was easy to tell that this was a fan favorite by the screams the first chord of the song elicited from the show-goers, smiles upon their faces as they sang and danced along.

After playing an unreleased song called “Juno” that Flipturn had debuted on this run of shows, the band paused to introduce themselves and say hello to the crowd. “We’re a band called Flipturn from Jacksonville, Florida. Thank you so much for coming” A warm welcome from the stage by Dillon Basse. He would go on to explain that the band had been taking a break from touring for a while to spend time writing, and how nice it was to finally be back on the road playing shows like this one. It was then that Dillon and Bassist, Madeline Jarman would announce something that would set this show apart from the rest of the tour. This was the largest sold out headlining show of their career, making it an incredibly special night for both Flipturn and the fans in the crowd.

It was clear how happy each member of the band was to be there, the contagious smiles on their faces indicating how much they truly enjoyed being onstage and putting on a show. I found it almost impossible to not have a smile on my face while watching them perform.

During an interlude after the song “Whales”, Drummer, Devon VonBalson took to the crowd with a cymbal and bass drum for fans to hold. Oscillating synths reverberated throughout the venue as Devon waved before sweeping into a drum solo assisted by the crowd.

At the end of the night, Flipturn wrapped up their set with the song “Space Cowboy”, however returned to the stage shortly afterwards for an encore. They covered iconic alternative rock artist, The Strokes, with their song Reptilia. Dillon leaping off the stage to stand on the barricade separating him from the crowd and singing directly to the audience.

flipturn jacksonville band returns to madison
flipturn jacksonville band returns to madison

Just before their last song, Dillon announced that there was another occasion that made this night even more special than just the aforementioned largest sold out headlining show. It was the birthday of Mitch Fountain, their synthesizer player. Members of Flipturn’s touring crew brought out a cake with lit candles. The band and crowd erupted into singing happy birthday to him. After the celebration and well wishes, Flipturn would end the night by playing their song “Nickel.

flipturn jacksonville band returns to madison

The show that Flipturn put on was one that attendees never wanted to end. It was a show that kept fans on their feet and dancing, and brought unforgettable memories of favorite songs. This is a band you’ll want to keep your eye on, one that I have faith will continue to succeed and grow as they write and release more music. If they are coming to a city near you, it is not a show you won’t want to miss!

flipturn jacksonville band returns to madison
flipturn jacksonville band returns to madison

Show Date: 03.23.24 // Madison, WI @ The Sylvee // Flipturn? FLIP YEAH! Jacksonville Band Returns to Madison to Play Largest Sold Out Headliner
Photos & words by Luce Funk


  1. Churches
  2. Vanilla
  3. Chicago
  4. The Fall
  5. Sad Disco
  6. Juno (New Song)
  7. Savannah
  8. Playground
  9. Whales
  10. Six Below
  11. In Consideration
  12. Halfway
  13. Take Care
  14. August
  15. Burn
  16. Weepy Woman
  17. Goddamn
  18. Space Cowboy


  1. Reptilia (The Strokes Cover)
  2. Burnout Days (New Song)
  3. Nickel
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