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RESTLESS FEST @ Gilley’s – Dallas, TX

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The inaugural RESTLESS FEST brought the heat to Gilley’s in Dallas, Texas last weekend. Hosted by So What?! Music Festival and Third String Entertainment, this hiphop and rap event had an amazing turn out and fans of all ages moshed to music by stars like JPEGMAFIA, Glaive, WHOKILLEDXIX, and JELEEL!

What set RESTLESS FEST apart from other festivals was how uniquely curated the setlist was with a cultivated platform for over 40 artists, many of which are underground or seemingly “up and coming”. Energy was high between the two stages as performances happened from 1:30 PM – 11 PM. As I jostled between the mosh pit, the crowd-surfing artists and a couple hundred sweaty Gen-Z’ers, I couldn’t help but be inspired by the dedication and drive it took to put on this event. You could tell that every single person there was committed to the success of the event and there was so much intentionality behind every artist, every manager and every team member I interacted with, from the director to the box office team. 

This weekend in Dallas was just the beginning for RESTLESS FEST fans, with another event happening mid-March down in Austin, TX, and a tour expecting to happen later this year with other exciting destinations like Los Angeles and New York. The Good Guys Press team is excited to see what all that Third String Entertainment accomplishes in 2023 and beyond, and can’t wait to capture some insane music moments again at RESTLESS FEST here soon.

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Show Date: 01.21.23 | Dallas, TX @ Gilley’s

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