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Grayscale @ Theatre of Living Arts in Philly 12/11

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Grayscale performed a lively, energetic show at the Theatre of Living Arts in their hometown Philadelphia on Sunday 12/11.

The Wldlfe and Nightly opened the night up right. They prepped the crowd for a night of jumping, moving, and moshing… By the time Grayscale came on, everyone and their moms were bouncing off the walls. After giving a good Eagles chant, Grayscale opened their set with an electrifying Led Zeppelin intro.

There was one song in particular that implored a part of the crowd to form a large circle. With arms around each other, like one big body of souls, they gleefully swayed and shouted the lyrics to Forever Yours at the tops of their lungs. And to keep the energy going, Jansen Hogan from The Wldlfe made another surprise appearance by sneaking into the crowd for a bit of moshing and crowd surfed his way to the barricade during the song Atlantic.

Grayscale mentioned that their setlist on Sunday was even more upbeat than their first show on Saturday. No wonder the room was so full of life. And to end the night with a BANG, Grayscale surprised the crowd with a cover song– When You Were Young by The Killers.

Every single person walked out of the venue feeling happier and more joyful than they were when they walked in. Cheeks were bright and hurting from smiling so big. Grayscale understands exactly what live music is about– feeling connected in a room full of strangers, letting go and just being yourself, and allowing the healing nature of music to surge through you in a way you just can’t explain. Moments like these make memories that’ll last a lifetime.

If you haven’t seen Grayscale live yet, you absolutely must add them to your bucket list!

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Show Date: 12.11.22 | Philadelphia, PA @ Theatre of Living Arts

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