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Dead Poets Society European Tour Kicks Off in Lisboa, Portugal

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The 400 fans at Lisboa ao Vivo (LAV) were as if not more fascinated than the students of the teacher portrayed by Robin Williams in one of the films that immortalized him as an actor. But Dead Poet Society, the Boston band that chose to have the same name as the movie by mere chance “after a long night of partying”, has anything but that melancholy. Hard rock echoed loudly, excited those who were there, inspired moshpits, and brought the audience to ecstasy when vocalist Jack Underkofler incited rivalries by asking if they would be able to shout louder than the Spanish audience at the end.

In their first time in Lisbon, the group formed in 2013, took to the stage with “Hard to Be God,” a song from their new album “FISSION.” It was enough to seal the deal right there, with the vocalist jumping off the stage and crowd surfing on the arms of fans, where he continued to sing until returning to the stage.

The excitement was already fully installed in the room when Underkofler threw out a “Hello Portugal” in Portuguese with an accent and then fired questions about the new album. “Have you heard it already?”; “Did you really like it?”; “What are your favorite songs?” Different song names were shouted, so the best thing was for the band to decide: “Let’s hear it and see who was right? Then you can say that we played what you asked for.”

Dead Poets Society Lisboa Portugal

When the first chords of “HURT” started to be heard, it was clear that something was going to happen. The energy soared. Everyone started singing. A moshpit opened up, but Jack Underkofler wanted one more, asked for it at the end, and it finished in apotheosis.

To cool off, he asked if anybody had a vape, but got no response in return. Which led him to tell the audience, ironically, “You’re all perfect.” He settled for a lighter and a cigarette – it was what was available. It served to prepare for the next song, which calmed things down.

Dead Poets Society European Tour

“This is an emotional one. Who is dead inside?” he asked, hearing many shouts in response. “Me too”, he replied. Then came the big ballad “I Never Loved Myself Like I Loved You” from the 2021 album “-!-“.

Underkofler spoke to the audience again about Portugal. “I didn’t know it was such a beautiful country,” he began in a complimentary tone, “actually, I didn’t even know Portugal existed,” he ironized immediately afterward, to end in an even more joking way: “I’m kidding, everyone knows that Spain exists!” But, thanking: “I didn’t expect so many people to come.”

The concert ended with another of the fans’ favorite songs, “.CoDA.”, also from the 2021 album “-!-“.

With the excitement among the fans, no one budged and shouted until they got the well-deserved encore. Jack Underkofler, the vocalist, Jack Collins, the guitarist, Nick Taylor, the bassist, and Will Goodroad, the drummer, returned with more questions. As if they wanted to give the illusion to the audience that they were in charge of the concert. “Do you want two more songs? Ten more? And will you shout louder than Spain – their next destination – won’t you?”

The challenge had another wave of shouts in response in this first concert of Dead Poet Society’s “The Fission” European tour, which went for the encore that was obviously on the setlist. A handwritten setlist on a paper plate placed at the vocalist’s feet.

Dead Poets Society European Tour

They sang “My Condition”, from the latest album, and ended with “.intoodeep.” from “-!-“. But midway through the song, there was the farewell: “We love you so f*cking much, we wanna come back for the rest of our lives… maybe even move here! Give everything you have on the last drop.” And the audience responded, with moshpits, shouts, applause, and even a Kermit The Frog stuffed toy dressed in black flying around.

Show Date: 02.16.2024 // Lisboa, Portugal @ LAV // Dead Poets Society Kicks Off European Tour
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