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5 Songs to Blast at Your M3F Festival Pregame

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Right about now, it’s a wonderful time to be alive in Arizona. As we start getting an escape from the colder winter temperatures, spring brings much more than just sunny skies, pool days, and good times. For those of us here in Phoenix, spring means that M3F Festival is just around the corner, an event that is typically the epitome of the season and everything it means to us.

Taking place on March 1st and 2nd, both Weekend and Single Day General Admission tickets are still available for the time being. For the first time, M3F will take over Steele Indian School Park, marking a notable move to a larger venue for the festival as it continues building off of momentum from the last few years. Don’t miss your chance to catch this year’s festivities, visit the festival website to secure your tickets.

Bring a friend, or four, and get ready to dance and sing your hearts out with these 5 songs to blast at your M3F Festival pregame!

This year’s lineup features the usual mix of both heavy-hitting indie-alternative artists and electronic-dance performers, including acts like Dominic Fike, Arlo Parks, Hippo Campus, Dayglow, Lane 8, Gorgon City, Duke Dumont, and more. With a little over two dozen sets across three stages, there’s something for everyone at M3F, especially if you’re looking for an easy and enjoyable way to give back to the community. As North America’s most celebrated non-profit music festival, M3F donates 100% of festival proceeds to charity with $2 million donated since 2022 and $5.2 million in total since its inception in 2004. To learn more about where your much appreciated funds are being directed, check out the M3F Fund!

With all this in mind, be sure to play your part in running things up for our city! Every ticket counts. Bring a friend, or four, and get ready to dance and sing your hearts out with these five handpicked songs that you need to add to your pregame playlist, ASAP.

1. “Back To My Bed” – Elderbrook

Wielding a stunning voice capable of cutting through every layer of your mind, English electronic musician Elderbrook takes every opportunity to do so. Making the most of the 3 minutes and 21 seconds of the song, Kotz works fast as he replaces your stress with love and worries with peace. He says it best himself in the chorus: “Come meet me halfway in between dark and the light / ‘Cause the voice in my head said I ain’t goin’ back to my bed”. With an entrancing beat and unstoppable melody, I couldn’t resist lightly dancing and smiling at my kitchen table writing this as I listened along. 

This is the best possible way to kick off the vibes of your M3F pregame, turn the volume up and just trust us.

Catch Elderbrook as he closes out the Cosmic Stage on Friday from 10-11pm.

2. “Mona Lisa” – Dominic Fike

When Dominic Fike has something to say, there’s nothing that can break the flow that soon  follows. “Mona Lisa” is supported by a light, airy production that could be characterized as the breeze to Fike’s vocal leaf. Effortlessly floating through verse after verse, diving into a longing interpretation of love and desire that can be hard to catch through the outwardly smooth and upbeat presentation. 

It’s the perfect time to start fueling up with snacks and drinks, take a small dance break in your friend’s living room, and countdown the minutes until his set!

Headliner Dominic Fike takes over the Vista Stage on Friday from 10-11pm.

3. “Ocean Drive” – Duke Dumont

It’s hard to find a song that can successfully walk the line between mellow and energetic to keep the vibe going while multitasking, but English producer Duke Dumont has done just that with Ocean Drive. With a steady rhythm that commands attention, the melodic chorus brings it all together seamlessly with the added bonus of being easy to sing along to: “Don’t say a word while we dance with the devil / You brought a fire to a world so cold”.

At this point in your pregame, it might be time to actually start getting ready. Sorry! We know these songs go hard, but your festival outfit, makeup, and/or flashiest sneakers aren’t going to put themselves on. Don’t take too long though.

Duke Dumont hits the Vista Stage on Saturday from 8-9pm.

4. “Right Here, For Now” – Bakar

Almost done getting ready? Great! Us too. While there will be plenty of drink options at the festival to get the party going, the most important one can be found right in your home: water. It’ll be a long day and hydration is key to keeping yourself safe and healthy. Speaking of cool, smooth, and refreshing, the vocals delivered by Bakar in this track are incomparably so. The call and response-style structure of the song’s vocal layers create an ambience that feels as if it were designed to be the high energy peak of the experimental British indie rocker’s live performance. With ease, Bakar has a way of bringing a smile to your face with a sunny energy that can be felt even through the speakers of your phone. 

Play this toward the end of your pregame to drive the energy back up, it’s almost time to go!

Cool off with Bakar at the Vista Stage on Friday from 4pm-5pm.

5. “Close To You” – Dayglow

If there were two feelings you would find yourself suddenly filled with after the first 15 seconds of this song, it’d be love and light. Texas-based indie-pop mastermind Dayglow knows exactly how to design a beat-melody combo that will get a crowd  jumping, in this case by channeling a fusion of 80s synth pop with modern indie-alternative influences delivered through his laid-back lyrics. Grab your keys and make sure your laces are securely double-knotted because you will absolutely be dancing during this set, without a doubt. 

This song is best played on the drive to the M3F Festival itself, so roll the windows down and get ready for the best weekend of the year. See you there!

Dance it up with Dayglow at the Daydream Stage on Friday from 7-8pm.

Photo courtesy of M3F Fest & Angela Rose Photography // @itsmissgirlface

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