Meet LoudFoxCult: An Alt-Indie Rock Band on the Rise


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MusicInterviewsMeet LoudFoxCult: An Alt-Indie Rock Band on the Rise

Meet LoudFoxCult: An Alt-Indie Rock Band on the Rise

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Introducing LoudFoxCult – a dynamic alternative indie rock band hailing from Metro-Detroit area of Michigan. Known for their single “You’re Terrific,” the band boasts a unique sound and style that sets them apart from the rest.

Founded by a group of childhood friends, lead singer and guitarist Isaac Thorne, bassist and songwriter Jackson Ciavattone, and rhythm guitarist Austin Kadlitz have been making music together since 2016. The band unveiled their highly-anticipated Cult Classic EP on January 27th, 2023, a five-song collection that marked a major step-up in the quality of their music and serves as a stepping stone to reach even greater success.

I (Kaprea) had the great pleasure of interviewing LoudFoxCult. They talk in depth about their journey as a band, recording their debut EP, and their hopes for the future. I truly believe this band is going places, and it’s an honor to have discovered them this early in their career. I can’t wait to see all the future has in store for LoudFoxCult!

Can each of you tell us 3 fun facts about you?

Isaac: I’ve been playing guitar since I was five years old, I’m really into watches and I have been skateboarding consistently since 2020.

Jackson: I’m better at the saxophone than I am at the bass, I love drawing mazes, and I’ve had a few ghost encounters.

Austin: My first Instrument was playing piano, which I started getting lessons when I was around 8 years old. I also played Lacrosse throughout high school, and I spent a month one summer in Alaska and worked with a Commerical salmon fishing crew.

Is there any meaning behind the name LoudFoxCult?

Our title doesn’t have any type of specific meaning. We started writing together over the summer of the 8th grade and looked to a band name generator to help us find a name. At first we weren’t super fond of it, but it started to catch on after a while and I think we found good ways to tie it together with our songs.

What artists or bands do you guys look up to? Is there anyone or anything inspiring you at the moment?

When we started, we had a lot of influences from all kinds of different bands such as Mom Jeans, Jeff Rosenstock, Prince Daddy and the Hyena, Oso Oso, Microwave, and Mike Krol. At this current moment, our individual inspirations are all a lot more different than they were before. We used to be a lot more aligned within our music tastes, but Austin and I have been really into music that focuses heavily on guitar (such as Polyphia, Origami Angel, Chon, Yvette Young/Covet and Tiny Moving Parts) in an attempt to make the guitar better in our songs. Jackson, on the other hand, has been looking to groups like Jimmy Eat World, Pup, and Joyce Manor to collect ideas for melodies, hooks and structure. This is a good thing though, as our backgrounds all come together to create some pretty unique stuff when we work together.

When it comes to band origin stories, hands-down my favorite ‘trope’ is ‘childhood friends to rock band’. I read in your EPK, you guys have been close friends since middle school! How has forming the band impacted your dynamic as friends, and do you think your deep roots play a part in the music you create?

If we weren’t as close as we were, it would be really difficult to maintain our current level of dedication and I don’t think we would be nearly as involved with this as we are now. We have all had the dream of doing music since early childhood, so it just fit together perfectly because we all grew up so close to each other and got along so well.

The best part about it is that since we are so close, we have a unified vision and find that our ideas rarely clash while songwriting or determining our general direction moving forward as a band. It’s also been really important to us since day one to prove ourselves in a way. Since we started taking our band really seriously in high school, we wanted to separate ourselves from everyone else that was making music in our area. We wanted to show that we weren’t just some dumb kids wasting their time chasing a hopeless dream. We are serious musicians looking to take charge of our lives and succeed doing something we love!

We wouldn’t be where we are now if it weren’t for the support that we give to each other and the good times we’ve created in pursuit of this goal.

Listening to ‘Cult Classic,’ the production is noticeably greater quality compared to your earlier singles. What was your experience like traveling to Burlington, Massachusetts to professionally record the EP at Kennedy Studios? Any fun stories?

Legitimately could talk about this trip for days if you really wanted me to. Hands down one of the best weeks of our lives. There was a lot of preparation and planning that went into this release, about 6 months to be exact. After I’m So Bored came out, we ultimately realized whatever our next step is, it needed to be bigger and better than anything we’d done previously. Something that always irked me was that we had never released something larger than a single under the name LoudFoxCult, so I really believed our fastest route to legitimacy was to have either an EP or a full length put out to focus on getting ready to perform and tour the songs when that time inevitably came. Fast forward a couple months, all of our demos had been prepared and we were super excited to get them tracked. We typically record all of our songs on my desktop computer, but I knew that if I wanted this to play in our favor we would have to pool a lot of money together to get this done the right way; professionally. We started doing some research on studios and engineers that have worked on popular music in our scene, hoping that we could find the right people to help us hone in on the perfect sound for our project. In the midst of this search, Joe from Kennedy Studios reached out to us on Reddit in reply to a post we made on an audio engineering forum. After a week or two of conversation, an agreement was made and it was determined that we would be traveling to Massachusetts the week of August 17th, 2022 to record the whole project in one grouping of sessions. Once everything was set, all we had to do was work. Getting through the months leading up to our sessions was one of the hardest things the three of us have had to do, but it made it all the more rewarding in the end. We all got full time jobs, went straight to working on the songs immediately after work every day, and basically stopped our social lives completely to make sure this project was as good as we could get it. Because of all the work we put in beforehand, we were able to get down there and finish the EP without a single hitch! This was also the first time any of us had traveled out of state alone, so it served as a really maturing and eye opening experience.

In terms of fun stories, we have a lot from that trip. To start, we ended up meeting with a friend who lived nearby on the day that we flew in. Long story short, I needed to find someone to edit a video for me a couple years prior to this, so I went to Omegle for help. The first match I had was a gentleman named Salvi (@salvooch on instagram), and he did an edit for me for free out of the kindness of his heart. This was the beginning of a long internet friendship that would eventually come to be mutually beneficial for the both of us. Come to find out, Salvi happened to live pretty close to Kennedy Studios and was down to collaborate on a music video with us! It was really dope to see this chance encounter turn into something that runs a lot deeper and we look forward to working with him again in the future.

The video isnt out yet, but its being worked on currently. We captured a lot of really memorable footage for it that I know we will all look back on in the future with fondness. In the video, I got a tattoo, shaved my head, and explored the city with my friends while looking for places to get good shots for the edit. Its release will be in honor of “You’re Terrific” hitting 1,000,000 streams and it will be out very soon!

Jackson, as the lead songwriter, where do you source ideas for your songs? Do you have a favorite lyric you’ve written?

Many of the songs I write are inspired by my personal experiences, I find it hard to write a song about one specific thing. For Cult Classic, I took most of my inspiration from my experience in growing up, and changing as a person. Going from childhood into adulthood is a confusing time for everyone, and I want people to find solace in our lyrics, that it’s okay to have those feelings, and to let people know they aren’t alone.

One of my favorite lyrics on the album is in our song “U Wonder” it goes “I went home all alone, in my head coach K said, a weary plight comes with a path full of debris, and littered trash, and buried deep under the snow you’ll never let your colors show. This world don’t come with no roadmap, a fire caught without a match” This lyric means a lot to me personally, Coach K was a substitute teacher in my school, he sadly passed away while I was in highschool. I only talked to him a few times, but he once asked me what I wanted to do when I grew up, I began to tell him about our song “You’re Terrific” which was starting to gain some notoriety at the time. He told me to keep at it, and if I truly try my hardest, I will make it someday. He even said exactly “A fire caught without a match” which I took as him telling me that some things are unexplainable, our song started doing well without us doing anything, but having fun and making music we loved. I wanted to talk about it on the EP, because it has really stuck with me to this day, And I wanted to honor him, because it felt like he saw something in me that I would’ve never seen within myself without his guidance.

How did you guys choose the 5 tracks that made it onto ‘Cult Classic’?

It was mainly a process of elimination. We had a period of time during the coronavirus pandemic where we were particularly inactive, so getting together to write songs was an impossibility. Luckily, Jackson likes to write a lot in his freetime, so we had a backlog of a whole bunch of old ideas to produce a new, fresh take on. All of the tracks came from old phone recording demos Jackson had taken over the years, and they were all written on an acoustic guitar that was super old, beaten up, and strung left handed. Because the tracks were so bare-boned and efficiently structured, it made it easier for Isaac and Austin to adapt the guitars to be more intricate, interesting, and fitting to the overall context of the EP. After a couple months of review, we finally agreed on a tracklist and had some respectable full band demos recorded. The EP was originally going to be 7 songs, with the inclusion of our early 2022 single “I’m So Bored” and another song that didn’t end up making the cut at the top of the tracklist.

Congratulations on ‘You’re Terrific’ surpassing a million streams! You guys put that out when you were 15! Now that you’re 19, has the vision for your band changed at all? What are your next dreams/goals for your band?

The vision has totally changed! We started doing this purely for fun, but it’s a lot more serious than that now. Aside from just enjoying ourselves, we plan on setting a lot of goals and achieving them within the upcoming months. Back then, we never expected “You’re Terrific” to go as far as it has, so it was harder to imagine a career path involving our band.

Modern day though, things are a lot different and we’re working towards becoming one of the most notable acts in our scene one day in the future. We take this more seriously now than we ever have at any other point in our group’s timeline. It feels a lot more “real” now that we are taking the leap into adulthood and having to invest serious time into ourselves, but it will all surely be worth it in the end!

What do you hope your listeners take away from your music?

I mainly would like to inspire people to do things that they didn’t think was possible. We believe it’s so important to live your life true to yourself, you’re living for yourself, and if that means you want to make a fun EP with your friends, do that! We also hope people feel less alone if they relate to any of our songs, even if one person feels some sort of positive impact from a song we made, I think that’s a success.

Lasty, any words of wisdom or exciting news you want to share?

I do in fact have some really exciting news to share! In the upcoming months, we will all be moving in together to create the perfect environment for our band to base itself out of. It’ll be nice to not have to worry about annoying each other’s parents anymore and focus solely on perfecting our craft as musicians. This also means a lot more music will be coming out, since we will be surrounded by instruments and tools for creation all day.

Meet LoudFoxCult: An Alt-Indie Rock Band on the Rise | Interview conducted by Kaprea Devila

Kaprea Devila
Kaprea Devila
Founder of GGP. I'm a big dreamer and love creative storytelling through photography, writing, and graphic design. I'm 29, based in SoCal, and love sippin on nola cold brew!


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Kaprea Devila
Kaprea Devila
Founder of GGP. I'm a big dreamer and love creative storytelling through photography, writing, and graphic design. I'm 29, based in SoCal, and love sippin on nola cold brew!

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