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Samia Masterfully Paints the Night with Her Voice as the Brush

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As the lights dimmed at Variety Playhouse Friday evening, Samia began to masterfully paint the night with her voice as the brush. Possessing a unique gift that allows her to captivate souls in a way that no other artist can, she effortlessly compelled the whole room to feel every emotion of each word that came out of her mouth. The twenty-six-year-old’s remarkable ability to wrap the audience around her fingertip was a sight to treasure for many lifetimes. 

The awe-inspiring artist initiated the second to last stop on the Honey Tour with one of her most celebrated songs, “Kill Her Freak Out”. The crowd was enraptured the second she took the stage, utterly swept away by the gentle, resonant tones that filled the room. The setlist was a dream come true for any Samia fan, visible in the fans’ effervescent dancing during “Honey” to collectively screaming along to the lyrics to “Breathing Song”. Samia herself was overcome with joy from the sheer aura of the room, often rendered speechless as a result. 

Honey, the singer-songwriter’s sophomore record, encompasses a heartwarming tenderness and a gut-wrenching vulnerability. What makes this album so special is that it has such a raw sincerity that enables the listener to be fully immersed in the artist’s creation. The project depicts a real comfort in the uncertainties life has to offer. Samia’s lyricism is truly that of another level, making her songs sound like their very own enchanting fairy tales.

The whimsical evening was undoubtedly one to remember. From the band bouncing all around the stage, covering an Alex G song with opening act Tommy Lefroy, and Samia herself pretending to attempt a stage dive, every single moment instituted a sensational concert. Having such a genuine stage presence, the singer knows how to put on the performance of a lifetime and captivate a crowd.

She rounded off the night by giving her absolute all singing “Show Up” off of her 2021 EP, Scout. With the fitting lyrics,

Nothing could ever stop my ass from showing up
To sing another song for the people I love,

this was the perfect encore song to show her gratitude toward her fans. Everyone left with even more love in their hearts for Samia than when they walked in the door.

The Atlanta show was the second-to-last on the first leg of the Honey Tour, spanning five weeks in cities all across the country. The second half commences back up in Charleston, South Carolina on April 13. If you are a fan of sincere artistry, you do not want to miss the opportunity to see Samia live. 

Show Date: 03.10.23 | Atlanta, GA @ Variety Playhouse | Samia Paints the Night

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