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White Reaper Ignites Fans with Electric Set on Asking For a Ride Tour

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Picture your dad’s favorite classic rock band. They’ve traveled to the 21st century and decided to experiment with contemporary alt rock elements to revitalize their sound. Their idea is contradictory in nature, yet their execution creates an oh so successful fusion of old and new; modern classic rock is born. It’s big, it’s bold, and it’s capable of scratching every rock fan’s itch. And now to the stage, I present White Reaper

On Saturday, March 18th, White Reaper sold out their Asking for a Ride Tour with opener Mamalarky, playing to the populated depths of Philadelphia in the blacklit basement known as Underground Arts in support of their latest full-length release, Asking For a Ride.

Before anyone in the band even stepped foot on stage, it was clear they had awakened something in everyone there that night as talks of first-concert excitement swept the room. The band powerfully ignited something in live show newcomers that had never been ignited in them before, inducting them into the exhilarating world of live music.

White Reaper delivered a set that could best be described as electric; if sound equaled strength, the venue would have collapsed. The band exuded this larger-than-life stage presence from the moment they walked on stage and uttered the first note of “Make Me Wanna Die.” Their sound fought to remain contained as it shot off the stage and burst out of the basement into the city streets. 

Blood-pumping picks like “Fog Machine” and “Bozo” helped maintain the energetic buzz while songs like “Real Long Time” and “Might Be Right” provided infectious and anthemic singalongs fit for filling arenas. Tony Esposito’s vocals boomed with its dynamic, high-pitched grit, but not without leaving room for quick riffs to shine in crowd-jolting guitar solos or for keyboardist/personal hype man Ryan Hater to dash across the stage in victorious, enthusiasm-inciting leaps.

As the set neared its end, White Reaper ensured a moment of appreciation for everyone in attendance. “You have a good town, I’m not leaving,” they joked before eventually exiting the stage and re-emerging with an explosive encore featuring long-time fan favorite, “Judy French.”

Having experienced White Reaper in a 650-capacity room felt surreal considering the grandeur of their sound, yet their worthiness for more never tempted them to stray from what mattered most. After the show, guitarist Hunter Thompson exchanged smiles with fans eagerly waiting by the stage as he greeted them, taking the time to converse with the people that helped fuel not only the band’s show, but the trajectory of their career. 

If I’ve learned anything from that night, it’s this: if White Reaper’s asking you to come for a ride, get in and buckle up while you can because they’re about to take off in the fast lane into the horizon of endless opportunity. 650 of us just so happened to be lucky enough to jump in right as the light turned green.

White Reaper’s Asking For a Ride is out now via Elektra Records; jump in and give it a listen!

Show Date: 03.18.23 | Philadelphia, PA @ Underground Arts | White Reaper Asking For a Ride Tour

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