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The Brook & The Bluff Brings Melodic Magic to The Majestic in Madison

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After two years, The Brook & The Bluff brought their groovy, melodic magic back to Madison, Wisconsin. Playing a sold-out show at The Majestic, which doubled the capacity of their last stop in the city. It was clear they left Madison yearning for more following their performance at the High Noon Saloon in 2022; Fans lined up down the block to see the band play a packed house supporting their third studio album, Bluebeard.

The Brook & The Bluff Brings Melodic Magic to The Majestic in Madison
The Brook & The Bluff Brings Melodic Magic to The Majestic in Madison

Their set began with sweeping synths pulled from the title track of the album as each member took their places. The lightbulbs placed at the front of the stage pulsated with warm colors and the band swept effortlessly into the live version of Tangerine. The song brought smiles across the audience’s faces with the unmatched musical talent that filled the room. The gorgeous vocal harmonies melting together combined with each member bringing irreplaceable flair with their respective instrument could’ve been considered criminal. It felt like an honor to be present in that room, and to be a part of such an outstanding show.

The Brook & The Bluff Brings Melodic Magic to The Majestic in Madison

“We fade to pastel blue. Like the sky painted perfect in the Pano View, but I keep my eyes on you”, were the words from hundreds of voices that resonated throughout the walls of the venue during Pastels. The audience had begun to sing the bridge back to the band without being asked, the lights illuminating the venue in a gorgeous pastel blue color. As their voices faded with the song, singer, Joseph Settine graciously acknowledged the crowd participation: “Y’all sound great, thank you for singing with us.”

Joseph took a moment to speak honestly to the crowd.

“I was thinking about it today, Alec and I started The Brook & The Bluff in 2015. Being from Birmingham, I didn’t get to experience much of the world growing up. We didn’t get to take vacations. Now I’m traveling and playing music with my friends. I don’t get to acknowledge that a lot.”

Joseph Settine

Cheers reverberated from the audience that had come to see the same band who started small back in 2015, and were now touring across the country after releasing their third album.

The Brook & The Bluff Brings Melodic Magic to The Majestic in Madison

About halfway through the night, the synths and lights from the band’s introduction returned as they transitioned into the acoustic portion of their set. Most of the members switched out their instruments. Drummer, John Canada emerged from behind his kit to pick up an acoustic guitar and join the rest of his band members on stringed instruments. This segment was incredibly gorgeous, bringing the audience intimately close with some of their slower and stripped-back songs like Knock, Petals on the Floor, and Little Sheets.

Joseph checked in with the crowd post the acoustics, “Madison, how are we feeling? Are you still with us?” Which elicited screams and shouts from everyone in the room, floor to ceiling. “This is the last stretch of The Brook & The Bluff show, and it’s about this time we start asking for a little crowd participation.” Joseph spoke to the audience, beginning to sway and move his feet across the stage before asking everyone to dance with him. He instructed them to step and touch to the rhythm of their song A Little Change of Pace. Groovy was an understatement when it came to this song, and it felt almost impossible not to want to move your body hearing the masterful blend of the Fred Lankford’s bass line, Alec Bolton’s bouncy guitar, and John Canada’s percussion. It all felt complete when the vocals came in, leaving me and the rest of the crowd feeling swept off of our feet.

It was clear that the night was coming to an end when the lead singer spoke up, “Madison this has been really really fucking fun. Thank you guys so much” causing the crowd to erupt into cheers once again. “We’ve had more cheese in the past few days than we’d like to admit…” he confessed sheepishly, the band having just played a show in Milwaukee, Wisconsin the night prior. “How many cheese curds is too many cheese curds?” The question was met with mixed answers, however it could be assumed most native Wisconsinites had been the ones to reply with “never too much.” The band would wrap up their set with Halfway Up, however return with a two song encore consisting of Masks and Rush.

Joseph raised his hands high to form the shape of a heart at the crowd prior to walking offstage that night. It had been thoroughly enjoyable for both the audience and the band, the applause and screams not stopping even after the band left the stage. They would certainly be wanted back after this show, leaving Madison to yearn just a little bit more after such a magical night.

The Brook & The Bluff Brings Melodic Magic to The Majestic in Madison
The Brook & The Bluff Brings Melodic Magic to The Majestic in Madison

Show Date: 04.04.24 // Madison, WI @ The Majestic // The Brook & The Bluff Brings Melodic Magic to The Majestic in Madison
Photos & words by Luce Funk


  1. Tangerine
  2. Shelby
  3. Misnomer
  4. Straws
  5. Tell Me
  6. Pastels
  7. Foggy Lens
  8. Everything Is Just A Mess
  9. Long Limbs
  10. Hiding
  11. Don’t Go Slipping Away
  12. Knock
  13. Prove You Wrong
  14. Petals on the Floor
  15. Little Sheets
  16. Off the Lawn
  17. A Little Change Of Pace
  18. Doobie Bronson
  19. Halfway Up
  20. Masks
  21. Rush
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