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Sun Room Brings Surf’s Up Energy to Chilly Chicago

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San Diego-natives Sun Room brought their Surf’s Up energy to the midwest at The Riviera Theatre in Chicago. 

With Luke Asgian on lead vocals and guitar, Ashton Minnich on guitar, Max Pinamonti on bass and Gibby Anderson on drums, the group encapsulates complete rays of sunshine– pun intended. 

Sun Room presented a physical manifestation of the “sound of fun”, as self-proclaimed in their Instagram bio, and you can see it in the passion they bring to their performance.

Asgian dressed up in a grey suit, contrasting the casualness of his group mates, they took the stage, starting with hits “Summer’s Here” from their early work on their first EP, “Sol Del Sur”. A bit of irony, considering the mid-30 degree weather in Chicago, but the crowd loved it nonetheless. 

Hitting the midway point of the set, the group performed “Crash My Bike”, a crowd favorite that had the audience captivated and full of energy. Peppering in hits from their extensive discography, Sun Room had the crowd radiating happiness.

The group so obviously caters their sound towards the sweet season of summer, performing hits “Sunset Garage”, and “Sol del Sur” from their latest EP “Outta Their Minds”.

Sun Room’s vitality gave the perfect summer feeling that Chicago is so desperately chasing in the depths of the winter months. Rounding out the set with “Cadillac”, their California accents gave them a charm and set the night off on the right tone. 

Currently on tour supporting Inhaler, the group is also set to perform a headlining tour this Spring to promote their latest EP.

Show Date: 03.24.23 | Chicago, IL @ Riviera Theatre | Sun Room Brings Surf’s Up Energy to Chilly Chicago

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