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Pop-Punk Icon Charlotte Sands Headlines The Troubadour

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The vibrant force that is Charlotte Sands takes the stage in LA and headlines the historic Troubadour and it was nothing less than LEGENDARY. This sacred venue has housed honorable names like Elton John, Bob Dylan, James Taylor, Joni Mitchell and so much more. I think it’s safe to say that performing on this stage is on every artist’s bucket list. Not only is Charlotte Sands now able to add this venue to her repertoire, she is privileged to claim the Troubadour as her first-ever show in Los Angeles on her first-ever headlining tour, ‘Love and Other Lies Tour’. What an INCREDIBLE achievement!

To start the night off, Charlotte Sands opened with ‘Tantrum,’ a favorite for seasoned fans who had only heard the live version up until the beginning of this tour when she finally released the track on streaming platforms. Her fanbase had demanded its release and quite literally through a “tantrum “ over it. Charlotte had mentioned on her social media that the song just wasn’t ready… that is until now!

Accompanying Charlotte Sands on the ‘Love and Other Lies’ tour is drummer, Danen Reed Rector, and guitarist, Dillon Jordan. Both are incredibly talented and matched Charlotte’s electrifying energy throughout the entire show. From beginning to end, Charlotte and her bandmates gave the crowd nothing less than their absolute best. This trio’s contagious energy zapped through every part of the venue, from the edge of the stage to the back of the bar to the balcony. Heads were bopping, bodies were jumping… it was difficult to stay still.

Intimate Moments

Approaching the end of her set, Charlotte Sands played a slower song, the song that she named this tour after. She explained to the audience that she originally thought the words “Love and Other Lies” must’ve been written already. She was baffled to find nothing on the internet with those same words, so she wrote this song dedicated to her parents.

Charlotte took a moment to acknowledge her family, who was in the room. and thanked them for their continued support, She expressed that she would not be where she’s at today without her parents. It was a wholesome moment.

Also in the room were many friends of Charlotte Sands, including James Droll and Emmyn Calleiro of Games We Play. It’s a beautiful thing when other artists come out to support their peers in the industry.

To close out the night, Charlotte played the song that really set her music career in motion, ‘Dress’. She always prefaces this track with “This next song is about wearing whatever the f’ck you want to wear and kissing whoever the f’ck you want to kiss!” It is a crowd favorite and ends the night on such a high note. The buzz after the show is EXHILARATING. Overhearing bits of conversations in the room, many of them consisted of sayings like “her music helped me heal” and “this song gave me hope during a hard time”.

This next song is about wearing whatever the f’ck you want to wear and kissing whoever the f’ck you want to kiss!

Charlotte Sands, ‘Dress’

In Summary

It is difficult to write about all that Charlotte Sands brings to the table in just one article. In short, Charlotte Sands is an iconic force in the pop-punk, alternative scene. With the pipes of an angel, a lively stage presence, and a genuine heart, Charlotte Sands is a SPECTACULAR performer. Her presence radiates kindness, love, acceptance, humility, authenticity, and all the ingredients that make up an all-around good human being. And her headlining tour reflects all of that from start to finish. If you are considering seeing Charlotte Sands live on this tour, this is your sign to just pull the trigger and get those tickets. Hell, we’re on our way to see her show again tonight in Santa Ana, California. We just can’t get enough.

You can also read more about Charlotte Sands on The Maine’s XOXO Tour here.

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Show Date: 09.28.22 | West Hollywood, CA @ The Troubadour | Charlotte Sands: First LA Headliner

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