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Nessa Barrett Creates a Safe Space for Discussing Mental Health & Grieving Loved Ones

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Nessa Barrett made her return to Chicago this week, having upgraded from a 500-capacity venue to the 5,000-capacity Aragon Ballroom in the city of Chicago.

The New Jersey native drove a mass set of fans to her Young Forever tour, titled based on her latest album release. Fans waited in line for hours, all dressed in black with pink cowboy hats to match the aesthetic of their favorite singer.

Minutes before she took the stage, the crowd chanted her name. Barrett emerged through the white sheets on the stage, dressed in a sheer sparkly black top. Earlier on twitter, she asked, “should I free the nip tonight?” And that she did.

Barrett opened with her song ‘madhouse’, an electric pop anthem that discusses mental health. She sprinted across the big stage, making sure to engage with all areas of the audience. Her fans didn’t miss a beat or a lyric as she continued with ‘talk to myself’ and ‘too hot to cry

During her song “god’s favorite” she went down into the crowd for an intimate stripped-down, slowed version, holding hands with fans as they swayed their camera phone lights. Through this and a three-minute-long speech about mental health, and taking care of yourself, you could really tell how much Nessa cares about her fans and what messages she sends to them. She took time to recognize their strength and their journey and tell them how they saved her as well.

Giving a sneak peek at her new song ‘american jesus’, you’d think the song had already been released the way the lyrics were shouted back at Barrett. White lights continued to flash on the stage as she effortlessly walked from end to end.

Through the safe environment she created with her fans, Barrett performed ‘die first’ an emotional song written for her friend Cooper Noriega who recently passed away. In the recorded prelude, she shares,

“I just never thought there would be a moment where I wouldn’t have him… When he left, I died too. Love you, Coop.”

Nessa closed out the night with a “Bang! Bang!” as she disappeared into a shower of pink and white confetti after giving a very exciting performance.

Show Date: 03.13.23 | Chicago, IL @ Aragon Ballroom | Nessa Barrett Creates a Safe Space

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