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Movements Ignite ‘Pink Cloud Summer’ in Raleigh: A Ruckus Tour Recap

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Movements sets the tone of 2024’s ‘pink cloud summer’ through embarking on the ‘Ruckus’ United States and European tour.

Reading from left to right looking at the stage stands Austin Cressey on the bass, Patrick Miranda as lead vocals, a guest guitarist and Spencer York on the drum platform, and Ira George on lead guitar. Originally from California, this post-hardcore band performed an aesthetically polished and emotionally heart wrenching set to follow the release of their 2023 album, Ruckus.

Movements Ignite 'Pink Cloud Summer' in Raleigh: A Ruckus Tour Recap
Movements Ignite 'Pink Cloud Summer' in Raleigh: A Ruckus Tour Recap

With a surplus of haze that completely distorts the stage and feeds into the rest of the Ritz Raleigh, the band members emerge to open the night with Lead Pipe. This excellent and upbeat start of the show feeds into You’re One of Us Now, the opening song of the Ruckus Album.

This crowd was flooded with punk-associated merchandise, but not just for Movements; modern and vintage Tigers Jaw t-shirts as well as the other 2 openers, and other punk bands that weren’t even a part of the tour. A few other punk bands’ merchandise were spotted such as Microwave, Alex G, The Story So Far, and the list goes on.

Movements Ignite 'Pink Cloud Summer' in Raleigh: A Ruckus Tour Recap
Movements Ignite 'Pink Cloud Summer' in Raleigh: A Ruckus Tour Recap

From the front of the pit, you could even spot a Movements Teddy Bear crowd surfing, a piece of merchandise the band released earlier this month.

I wanted to take note of the incredible lighting design. The band had given a shout out to their LD on social media a few days before the Raleigh tour date, so as a former Lighting Designer, I had to see for myself. From the intense color combinations, to meticulous coordinating lighting commands to the beat of the music, I was more than impressed. Each song on the set had a collection of colors that perfectly set the tone for the Ritz atmosphere. I had never seen a hardcore band combine pink and yellow washes before, but the result was beautiful nevertheless.

Third Degree, one of Movements’ more recognizable songs off the Feel Something album, was intended to be performed on the Raleigh show day. After the end of the show and reviewing the official set list, it appears to be that Third Degree was sacrificed. After viewing other speculated set lists from previous dates, it seems to be that it was replaced with their more modern track, A.M.P, as it hadn’t appeared in earlier dates. This is unconfirmed to be true, as other songs have been removed at other dates. Submerged, song off of their 2020 album, Nothing Good Left to Give. had been removed a few dates before Raleigh, as well as Deep Red from the Feel Something Album. Although Tightrope was performed at the Raleigh show, an Instagram comment mentioned Tightrope had been removed for another date.

After a closer analysis of the rotating set list between dates, I believe it’s a smart tactic to provide a different experience to every city of the tour. This gives a unique experience to every showgoer, and encourages fans to attend multiple shows if possible. If I was in a closer proximity to a tour date that was able to hear Deep Red or Third Degree live, I would go to multiple cities too!

Movements, however, didn’t fail to accommodate fans of all their album eras. Two songs from their 2020 album, Nothing Left to Give, were featured. Skin to Skin and Tunnel Vision were both played back to back at the Raleigh show.

In the middle of the set, Patrick expressed gratitude to the crowd, and shares that the band always makes efforts to return the service that fans give to them. They mentioned the raffle they conducted on the last tour, in which one lucky fan received a signed guitar that was brought on every date of the previous tour. This tour, Movements is selling a fun pack, which includes stickers, magnets, and other smaller bits. The most exciting part of the fun pack includes a raffle ticket; the lucky fan with the winning raffle ticket gets a spot on the guest list to every single Movements concert for life. It is uncertain when the winner will be contacted, but I wish all those who entered good luck.

Movements Ignite 'Pink Cloud Summer' in Raleigh: A Ruckus Tour Recap

Patrick has mentioned and apologized many times about feeling sick through the set, but you never would have guessed. Shortly after, the Baltimore date for the Ruckus tour was canceled due to health issues, and I assume this is the reason. We wish Patrick good health and a quick recovery.

With no surprise, the energy at the Ritz peaked during the final song, Daylily. Explosions of pink and orange wash lights to pair with their lyric ‘pink cloud summer.’ As people rose over the crowd and surfed their way to the front, it wouldn’t be a punk show if people were crowd surfing and moshing to the saddest song on the discography.

Movements had a stacked 4 band set for the 2024 Ruckus tour; opening the night with Paerish, Webbed Wing, and finally, Tigers Jaw. Paerish, a punk band from France, expressed their gratitude for the crowd after sharing that this was their first time in North Carolina. After speaking with them at their merchandise table after the show, they mentioned that the punk music community is not big in France, and it is much easier to feel a sense of belonging while on tour in the United States. They expressed gratitude to Movements multiple times during their set and while speaking with them after the show.

Tigers Jaw, the third band on the set, seemed to be a close second with the number of fans in the North Carolina crowd. A gentleman I spoke with during the set mentioned coming to the show not just for Movements, but Tigers Jaw specifically and has seen them live multiple times. I wasn’t familiar with their music before the Ruckus Tour, but Tigers Jaw left with a new big fan; myself.

For an exceptional show with explosive visuals and a meticulously crafted set, don’t miss the Ruckus tour.

Show Date: 04.08.24 // Raleigh, NC @ The Ritz // Movements Ignite ‘Pink Cloud Summer’ in Raleigh: A Ruckus Tour Recap
Photos & words by Alyssa Scinta

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