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Arlie Transcends Traditional Boundaries of Live Music

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Nashville-based indie alt-rock band, Arlie, concluded their five-week Arlie’s Angels Tour at Club Dada in Dallas on Thursday. Dressed head to toe in white and donning sunglasses, oversized angel wings and a bucket hat, lead singer Nathaniel Banks left the crowd in a blurry haze with a performance that took the breath away from indie music lovers who packed the room. Fans sang their hearts out to classics like “barcelona boots” as they stood pressed closely against a stage decked in prop wooden clouds. Each member of the band connected with one another, through intimate and playful moments of eye contact and laughter on stage. 

Arlie’s music is unique due to its blend of genres, which range from indie-pop, folk with European influence, and alternative rock. Their sound is characterized by a signature combination of melodic guitar riffs, catchy vocal hooks, and dreamy synthesizers. Arlie’s lyrics are often anthemic, through their raw emotion and heartfelt stories that reflect upon individuality and vulnerability. With their genre-bending soundscapes, Arlie creates an immersive experience that transcends the traditional boundaries of live music.

Show Date: 03.09.23 | Dallas, TX @ Club Dada | Arlie Transcends Traditional Boundaries of Live Music

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