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almost monday is Like California Sunshine With Feel-Good Songs

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Indie-pop band, almost monday, made the most out of their first time in Memphis earlier this week.

almost monday, currently on their co-headlining tour with The Moss put on a stellar performance at Growlers, making it their first time in Memphis,Tn.

The trio consists of lead vocalist, Dawson Daugherty, bassist Luke Fabry, and guitarist Cole Clisby. The band originates from San Diego, California which translates in their songs with themes surrounding the California sunshine with feel good songs such as “Sun Keeps On Shining” and “Sunburn.”

almost monday kicked off their set off by performing “only wanna dance,” the perfect upbeat song to dance along to and give the crowd an idea of what to expect.

Lead singer, Dawson Daugherty, came on stage wearing a bright yellow shirt, black shades, and an infectious smile that I could not help but notice.

Although the band does not have a full length album out yet they were sure to play a number of their released singles such as “parking lot view” and “cool enough” as well as their latest release  “You look so Good” which fans loved. Their joyous and inviting stage presence paired with their groovy sound only continued to keep fans on their feet throughout their set ultimately filling the venue with a dancing crowd.

At one point in the night Daugherty even noticed a particular group of concert goers in the back having the absolute time of their life dancing together.

Midway through their set almost monday performed a cover of “What I Like About You” by The Romantics which sent the crowd dancing and singing along even more than before.

As the band was about to perform their last song they were interrupted by some technical difficulties on stage. With a bit of extra time on his hands, Daugherty took the time to take the BeReals for a number of fans in the crowd.

Fortunately the technical difficulties did not stop almost monday from ending their set with the song they intended. Finally the band was able to perform one of their more iconic songs “cough drops” a song you could tell the crowd was eagerly anticipating. Daugherty thanked the crowd one more time and mentioned it was a “very nice first time in Memphis”

While still on the rise and with much more music to come, almost monday is a band you would want to see in a city near you.

Show Date: 03.23.23 | Memphis, TN @ Growlers | almost monday California Sunshine

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