SOLYCE: Your Future Favorite Duo

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Your Future Favorite Duo, SOLYCE, Reveals The Truth Of Handling A Heartbreak In Their Debut Single – Out March 17 

Written by SOLYCE’s team.

Dream pop duo SOLYCE gets real with their debut single, “Handle My Heartbreak”, releasing March 17. Embracing the reality of how messy relationships in your early twenties can be, the night-out anthem will make you want to dance your problems away. 

After years of pursuing individual careers, roommates turned band-mates Sophia Joelle and Sarah Alyce joined their talents (and names) to create SOLYCE. Based in Nashville, Tennessee, their sound is sure to stand out. “Nashville songwriters are known for their ability to tell stories, and I think our time spent here has helped us really fine-tune that aspect of our writing,” says Sophia. “Handle My Heartbreak” is a result of pairing a Nashville songwriting style with infectious pop melodies. 

Drawing inspiration from other girl bands such as MUNA and The Aces, the pair aims to celebrate the ups and downs of navigating early adulthood through their music. When asked about the upcoming single, they shared that “we hope this song can make someones heartache slightly more bearable, even just for a few minutes.” Unafraid to tell it how it is and celebrate their flaws and all, SOLYCE looks forward to their debut single “Handle My Heartbreak,” out everywhere March 17! 

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