Kelley Cole’s ‘twenty-five’ is a Heart-Wrenching Ode to Girlhood

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Interview by Azza Abid

With a wistful allure, Kelley Cole navigates the ethereal landscapes of indie pop, blending infectious hooks with nostalgic lyricism to create a seamless journey that resonates deeply with listeners. Hailing from Nashville, Kelley Cole brings a unique perspective to the indie pop scene, drawing inspiration from a myriad of influences spanning genres and generations. Her newest single ‘twenty five‘ perfectly encompasses the feeling of being a twenty-something adult; navigating the intricacies of adulthood and clutching onto your escaping youth. As someone who finds themselves navigating that phase of life, I deeply connect with lyrics that reflect on childhood memories and the challenges of adulthood looming ahead.

I had the incredible opportunity to interview Cole and delve into the inspirations behind her latest work, as well as her aspirations for the future. Talking with her was truly an honor; it’s evident that Kelley Cole possesses the potential to become a significant force in the world of indie pop. 

Kelley Cole's 'twenty-five' is a Heart-Wrenching Ode to Girlhood

Can you tell us about your journey into the music scene? What inspired you to pursue singing and songwriting? 

I’ve been completely obsessed with music my whole life. It has always made me feel alive and understood like nothing else had. I had such supportive friends when I was younger and they encouraged me to learn. I started writing songs and playing in 6th grade and could not stop since then. I enrolled in anything that could get me to perform. I was into theater for a little while, made my own bands with friends, and joined many after school music programs. I would spend all my free time in my basement just writing and trying to get better anyway I could. I started getting into music production in highschool simply out of necessity. I imagined my songs with huge synths, drums and an epic landscape, but didn’t have any connections to producers or the recording industry at all, so I learned how to program myself. Moving to Nashville and going to Belmont was a natural progression after that. 

How would you describe your unique style or sound? 

I am really just into music that makes you feel big things. That’s kinda what I center my creativity around. Right now, I’m very much into the raw and electric emotions of punk leaning music, but with a huge emphasis on the authenticity and songwriting. The song always comes first to me. But most of the songs that I have been writing need the angst and intensity of punk. 

What artists or bands have influenced your music the most, and how do you incorporate those influences into your own work? 

I’m super inspired by female artists who push boundaries. But being in Nashville and working as an engineer at the Bluebird Cafe, I also have such a soft spot for songwriting and americana. I love everyone from Fiona Apple to The Chicks. Taylor Swift to Arcade Fire. 2000s Divas taught me to make things larger than life. Punk taught me how to put rage into my songs. For me, It’s just about slowly scraping together little things that I’m inspired by. 

Do you have any current albums or songs on repeat? 

Obviously Cowboy Carter. It blows my mind how much a curator and artist she is. Also loving Chappell Roan new single and the new drops from Jacob Collier and Allie X. 

Do you have any goals and dreams you want to accomplish? Any dream venues to play or places you would like to visit? 

I really really want to go on my first tour. Literally put me in a van and I’m down. 

Kelley Cole's 'twenty-five' is a Heart-Wrenching Ode to Girlhood

I read that you have been recently diving into the Nashville indie scene, how has your experience been thus far? 

Nashville is the best music city in the world. I have very strong opinions on this, and I will fight you. There’s no other place with a community this supportive. We just don’t tolerate people being jerks here. The indie scene of artists, musicians, writers and creatives is so loving, encouraging, and insanely inspiring.

Tell us a little about your upcoming EP ‘when will I feel alright’! 

This will be my first body of work I release! It focuses on all the big feelings I’m having during my mid-twenties. There’s a lot of questioning, self-realization, angst, and uncertainty all wrapped up with huge electric guitars. 

You mention that your upcoming single ‘twenty five’ is a “heart-wrenching ode to girlhood”. Do you have any experiences from your youth that have played a part in the creation of this song? 

This song has tons of bits and pieces of many moments from my childhood. The two verses at the end of the song especially have these memories. Staring at the clock in school, desperately wanting to be anywhere else, playing with my sister outside, having the greatest mother who stayed home with us when we were little were all mentioned. But what I wanted to emulate in that verse most was the naive feeling that anything is possible. 

I’d love to hear about your process for the music video for your song ‘twenty five’. How did you come up with the vision for this video? 

I really wanted to explore the idea of how as adults it feels like we have to give up the wonder of being a child. I started thinking about the best places in the world to be as a kid. One of those places was a trampoline park. We are so grateful for Urban Air in north Nashville for hearing my crazy idea and rolling with it and allowing us to take over their facility for a few mornings. The video was shot by the incredible David Graham

Kelley Cole's 'twenty-five' is a Heart-Wrenching Ode to Girlhood

What do you hope your listeners take away from your music? 

My goal is always to make people feel something. or feel less alone. I think songs have huge power. They can make someone call their loved ones, send a risky text, or believe in themselves a little more. 

Lastly, what’s your go-to coffee order? And do you have a favorite local coffee shop? 

I love me a cute iced latte with vanilla. it always hits no matter where you go. My favorite cafe is Dose in East Nashville. It’s SO cozy and the lattes (especially their hot latte’s) are so incredible.

If this interview has piqued your interest, I highly recommend giving Kelley Cole a listen! Her new single “twenty five” is out now and is already a certified bop, already captivating audiences with its infectious rhythm and heartfelt lyrics. Embark on Cole’s musical journey today; it’s an experience you won’t want to miss out on!

Kelley Cole's 'twenty-five' is a Heart-Wrenching Ode to Girlhood

Interview by Azza Abid // Kelley Cole twenty-five Ode to Girlhood

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