Want to advertise your product or brand on our website? We love to promote brands and products that share the same heart for live music as us.

Artist Management

Are you a growing band and need help? We got you! We can help with promotion, booking gigs, managing relationships, and more.

Artist Promotion

We want your music to be heard. Let us help you strategize ad promote your music.

Electronic Press Kit

EPKs are an essential tool for bands and artists looking to promote themselves and get more exposure in the music industry. It typically includes a bio, music samples, photos and videos, press coverage, performance history, and contact information.

Graphic Design

Do you have a vision for your next album, hoodie, or tour poster but don’t know how to execute it? Let us help you design your next project!

Merch Management

Who doesn’t love band merch? If you’re going on tour, you’ll need a Merch Manager to handle setting up the merch booth, displaying the merch in an organized manner, and handling sales transactions. Hire a trustworthy merch manager through us!

Personal Assistant

Touring is fast-paced and chaotic. As a performer who gives their best to their fans, you need to conserve your energy. Let us handle the tedious, time-consuming tasks like laundry, coffee runs, phone calls, cleaning, you name it.

Portraits/Live Coverage

We have an incredible network of photographers across the US. If you need a photographer for the night, we got you. Browse through our Community of Creatives to see find a photographer to work with.

Press Release

Releasing a new album? Going on tour? Whatever it is, it’s important to you and your band! Press releases are an effective way to generate media coverage and publicity, and to establish your brand and reputation.

Social Media Management

Instagram is one of the best ways artists stay connected with their fans, but it can be incredibly time-consuming and energy-depleting. Let us help you post those sick photos so you can rest up for your next show!

SquareSpace Website

Need help building your website on SquareSpace? Look no further! I mean just look at our website, pretty sick right? We’ll work with you to create a website that looks and feels like you.

Tour Manager

A lot goes into planning for tour. We can help with managing the logistics and operations, including the travel, accommodations, and scheduling for the entire tour party.